Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SXSW 2011 Edition: Hip Hop 3 - Backpack Rap

Hip Hop 3 - Backpack Rap
These guys rap about everything but gangbanging. Get your mind out of the gutter. I mean drive by's and mass murder. The Nice Guys are Coming to Get You.

1. Nice Guys are Coming to Get You by More or Les
2. Hard Knock Children by Kyle Rapps ft. Joell Ortiz
3. Worldwide by Ancient Astronauts
4. Smile by The Alchemist
5. Wrong Side of the Tracks by Artifacts
6. The Way That I Rhyme by J-Live
7. Gas Pipes by Tum Tum
8. Revolution by J-Boogie
9. Cream of Wheat by Wordburgular

Same old directions on how to access the podcast

1. Use Itunes

-Open Itunes

- Click the “Advanced” pull down menu and select “Subscribe to a Podcast

- Paste following URL into the box:

- Click “OK” and you’re set. Downloading should begin immediately and Itunes will automatically download new episodes

2. Download the file direct

-Click the link:

-Find the link that says “Play Now” under the desired podcast and right click on it

-from the right click menu select “Save link as…”

-Choose location and file name and download. This needs to be done each time I release a new podcast.

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