Monday, September 3, 2012

Podcast 40 - Women of KCRW

Well, the move is complete.  I am now officially back in California.  And, I have a slightly more pop oriented mix for you today.  Things are still pretty hectic but the cable guy finally came and hooked up the internet so it's time to get my latest podcast up.  This is the last podcast recorded in the Austin 38th St. garage studio and man was it hot.  Instead of an Austin retrospective theme I decided to instead look forward.  Not really forward in time but in that I'm looking forward to being around public radio that actually plays awesome music.  I had been putting together a podcast of tracks I really like by women which, I hadn't really been able to fit in to previous mixes, when I realized that almost every one of them I had discovered listening to KCRW.  Enjoy and be sure to check the Facebook page for more frequent updates on my musical discoveries.

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