Monday, November 30, 2009

Podcast 1 - Drum and Bass

Inaugural podcast

Theme for this one is drum and bass but the songs probably aren't what you expect.


1. Stars Get Down by Subwave on Future Sounds of Russia

2. Walking Wounded (Dave Wallace Remix) by Everything but the Girl on Adapt or Die: 10 Years of Remixes

3. Brief Encounter by High Contrast on High Society

4. Fastlane by Esthero on Wikked Lil’ Grrrls

5. A Little While by The New Deal on Gone Gone Gone

6. Eve by Emancipator on Soon It Will Be Cold Enough

Saturday, November 21, 2009

"gave my mind goose bumps"

Just found the Hospital Records podcast on Itunes, premier drum and bass label, (High Contrast, London Elektricity,...) and it is amazing. London Elektricity hosts it and it happens to be that the first one I heard was their 100th podcast. It's two parts and all requests. I like the first part a lot more than the second. It's basically a shopping list of amazing drum and bass.

Favorite tracks include
London Elektricity - Just One Second (Apex Remix) (the original is one of my all time favorites)
Sunchase - Remember Me (= mind goose bumps)
Pendulum - Girl in the Fire (this is a live band playing)
Vivid Dreams - Rise Up

The story behind the last song there is great. Obviously it was a request but no one at Hospital Records had ever heard of it and they couldn't find it anywhere, super rare. It's from 1996. To put it on the podcast they used a version someone uploaded on youtube. The link above takes you to the hq upload to youtube by the guy that requested the track. Really cool. I hope the person that wrote it hears it on the Hospital podcast.

Also have started going into their back catalog and number 98 is a gem. They feature Randomer. He does some sick dubstep. Check out that podcast or his myspace. Scapegoat is a killer track.

I challenge anyone who thinks they don't like jungle, drum and bass, or dubstep.

And once again, I gotta link to the first track off the Faulty DL podcast for Resident Advisor. So so so good.

Ultragamma - Stars Collapse

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thavius Beck

I heard this guy on the Big Dada podcast with his song "Go". I loved it immediatly with it's heavy electronic glitchy beat. Immediatly made me think of Saul Williams. Turns out Beck raps with and I guess helps make beats for Williams. Anyway, his new album is out and it is really solid. The Mush Records release date says 2010 but you can download it now, probably cause the record is out on Big Dada in Europe.

The beats are all over the place, in a good way and the lyrics are actually worth listening to, positive but not cheesy as well as societal critique that's not prosaic. "Go" is still my favorite track with it's heavy/hard beat and inspirational message.

These beats

Dj Icey

I don't know how I remember this stuff when I can't even remember someone's name or what I ate for lunch yesterday but...

if you hear DJ Icey getting big, it's worth noting that I loved his track on this cd that I found at Waterloo Records back in highschool.

released in 1998

His album from 2003, Different Day is pretty solid. I got into it after I saw Hybrid at Coachella. What a great show that was to start and amazing three days.