Monday, February 16, 2009

Ghosts n Stuff

The amount of time I have to spend writting blogs is very limited so in the interest of getting the basic information out, entry length is being cut to a minimum, at least for the time being.

First, if you haven't heard the track "Ghosts n Stuff" by Deadmau5 go find it now and download it or at least check it out on YouTube. One of the best tracks ever. Really. If you're into it I would highly recommend buying his whole album. It is great all the way through.

Next, I just discoverd the band London Elektricity when I bought their album Syncopated City. They are a really solid drum and bass outfit. "Just One Second" and "Outnumbered" are stand out tracks but again this disc is good the whole way through. They have several albums which I have yet to explore but I've read "Fast Soul Music" is supposed to be one of their best.

If you aren't that into drum and bass, I recommend checking out "Brief Encounter" by High Contrast. That is the one that finally converted me.

Editor's Note: There is no editor. There is no proof reading. I understand a blog to be an unpolished work completed in the most expedient manner possible that still gets the message across. Comments and recommendations are greatly appreciated.