Thursday, June 27, 2013

Podcast 50 - Dedicated to Dispatch

Well we've made it.  Podcast 50 is here and it's a big one.  Almost two hours.  This is a really special episode not just because it's number 50 but it's also a story I've been wanting to tell for a long time.  That said, I'll warn you, I do kind of talk all over this one.  You see, I call it Dedicated to Dispatch but it's not so much about their music as my story of Dispatch in my life.  While I am  pretty happy with the outcome, I would say I didn't talk enough about the music.  For the non-officianados I could have done a better job of telling you who exactly is singing and playing what instrument in each song. You see, all three of the guys sing, play guitar, two play bass, and two play percussion.  Brad is the only band member I've seen play drum set but they do bring in another drummer on some tracks.  It all just depends on the song.  So as an introduction, for the most part Chad is on guitar and vocals, Brad is on drums and does the high end harmony vocals, and Pete just constantly kills it on bass.  (I really meant to highlight specific bass parts that I really love but forgot to so Greg, check out Pete's bass on all the tracks but in particular "Here We Go").
Download the House of Blues Show (link
Toubab Krewe Live and Acoustic (link
Disptach Under the Radar DVD on Youtube (link
Take a listen and be sure to hit me up with your thoughts and recommendations on the Facebook page (, on the blog at, or even by email at  Reach out.  This is all about music discovery.
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2. Passerby (live bootleg at Hamilton College)
6. Steeples (live bootleg unknown location)

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