Monday, March 15, 2010

SXSW Edition: Volume 1 - The Independednt @ 501 Studios

Do you ever just feel completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of bands that descend on Austin for South by Southwest (SXSW)? Do you wish someone would just make a short mix of a few bands that really match what type of music you are looking for? Well your wish has come true. Last Wednesday, I got my hands on a 5 gig torrent containing songs by over 1000 of the bands playing at SXSW. (It’s all legal. You can get it here ) Since then I have gone through every single song, over 60 hours of music, and cut that number down to one hundred solid tunes spanning all genres. From those hundred songs I have compiled 13, thirty minute, mixes organized by genre so you can get right to what you want to hear. I should say though, all this music is incredible so I encourage trying something new.

In order to get this huge amount of music out so quickly I have left off the commentary but have still included the track lists as album art as well as below in the volume descriptions. If you like the tunes, go out and see the shows and buy the music. Remember, these are the artists still trying to get that first break. To that end, please, forward this to anyone and everyone you know that is going to SXSW to help them make the most out of the experience.

I’ve put a lot of time and effort in to putting this collection together and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it has turned out. Thanks for listening and enjoy.


Volume 1 – The Independent @ 501 Studios

To start, I had to do a special mix highlighting the incredible hip hop themed line up at The Independent @ 501 Studios. It is the one venue that has a ton of artists who I have known and loved for years. I dug into my own collection a bit for this one because I already had at least half these guys lined up to be on future hip hop podcasts. #’s 3,4,8,and 10 cannot by missed.

Also, there are even more artists playing The Independent on other volumes of the podcast. I have marked them accordingly.

1. Sirens by A-Alikes
2. Trouble by Planet Asia ft. Tristate
3. Blowin Wax by People Under the Stairs
4. Aw Naw Remix by Nappy Roots
5. Dance Sucka! By Blacklisted Individuals
6. Volcano by Anti-Pop Consortium
7. Motor Music by Finale
8. Reality Check by Binary Star (One Be Lo)
9. Holla Like U Know Me by Black Milk ft. Que Diesel
10. 93 ‘Til Infinity by Souls of Mischief

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SXSW Edition: Volume 2 – Dance Grooves

I am really at a loss when it comes to finding labels for this mix. It starts with a Latin feel and moves into almost afro-beat with the incredible song “Nigeria What” then slips into something Indian and finishes with house/disco. However you feel about it, your feet are gonna be move and your body sawyin.

1. Un Canto de Mi Tierra by Quantic and his Combo Barbaro
2. Olivdalo by Brownout
3. Calypso Town by Sol Okarina
4. Nigeria What? dEbruit
5. Bourbon Lassi by AkashA
6. Varanda by Alessandra Leao
7. Cross the Dancefloor by Treasure Fingers
8. I’ll Get You (Gigamesh Remix) by Gigamesh ft. Jeppe

SXSW Edition: Volume 3 - Mellower Grooves

Slightly toned down from the previous volume was the idea for this mix. I don’t think that really worked out quite right though. It’s just different. Deeper might be a way to describe it. If volume 2 is playing outside all day and night, volume 3 is bumpin inside.

1. Beauty Beats by Beats Antique
2. Koli Stance by Sub Swara
3. Brueke Beat by Tuh-nie & Gnaws
4. Boom Clack by Jon Kennedy
5. Tey Know What Ghost Know by Yppah
6. P-Funk Skank (Nadastrom Remix) by Nadastrom
7. Be With You Kam Franklin
8. Jr. Kong Pt. 2 by Grimy Styles
9. Lo Mas by Hermano L

SXSW Edition: Volume 4 - Fun Rock

What other way is there to describe music like the Arctic Monkeys or Vampire Weekend?

1. Volcano by Jupiter One
2. Fight the Start by Kilians
3. Back and Forth (Part 2) by The Bright Light Social Hour
4. You and Me by Attack! Attack!
5. Austin’s Birthday by the Burning Hotels
6. Lowiza by the Lovely Feathers
7. Stick Up Kids by Bad Rabbits
8. Check My Mind by Woot
9. Party People by Winter Gloves
10. As Long As I’m Sinning by So What
11. Ballad of a Shallow Man by Kiernan McMullan

SXSW Edition: Volume 5 - More Fun Rock

Again, this was supposed to just be more mellow version of the previous mix but this bunch of bands just has too much energy. While these maybe a bit more subdued at times, don’t expect to relax.

1. In Spain by Vadoinmessico
2. Modern Drift by Efterklang
3. The Takers by Barcelona
4. Selene by Imagine Dragons
5. She’s Got You by Cosmo Jarvis
6. New Goodbye by Hey Rosetta!
7. Road Regrets by Dan Mangan
8. Sing by Sounds Under Radio
9. Losing the Signal by XV (@ The Independent)

SXSW Edition: Volume 6 - Rock Harder

We open here with a new punk anthem and then find some Japanese ska on our way to instrumental surf rock with the spectacular finale of Austin own Eagle Claw with their spectacular instrumental metal.

1. Skeleton Key by Banner Pilot
2. You’re a Fake by I am Empire
3. Heads Up, Hearts down by I Fight Dragons
4. Perro Come Perro by Superlitio
5. Mark of Excellence by Verona
6. Toki by JinnyOops!
7. Raga Nova by Yahowha 13
8. Surfing Tuba by Boom Pam
9. Helm by Eagle Claw

SXSW Edition: Volume 7 - Electro and Latin Rock

I can’t lie. This is two mixes in one. First there is electro rock in the same vein as Digitalism and then we have an abrupt shift to some Latin/Spanish/Western rock. What can I say? The world doesn’t always fit into our nice little labeled boxes but who’s gonna complain?

1. Pockets by Woodhands
2. Hotwax by Viva City
3. I Can Make You Feel It by Home Video
4. Bone Deep by The Walls
5. Sweet Maria by Vallejo
6. Soul Company by Hogni
7. Temptation by Girls Guns and Glory
8. Subete! BY Vitera

SXSW Edition: Volume 8 - Hip Hop to Make You Move

I said before that the beat is the most important part of a hip hop track for me. Well these are some bangers that will have the crowd jumpin.

1. Bienvenidos by Systema Solar
2. Can’t Stop by Ozomatli
3. Costa Rica by Bomba Estereo
4. War Again by Balkan Beat Box
5. Exotic on the Speaker by Soulico ft. Rye Rye
6. Pop N Chips by More Or Less
7. Rizzla by Jovi Rockwell
8. Jukebox by Kidz in the Hall
9. DJ Felli Fel’s Get Buck in Here (Villians Remix) by Villians
10. Humdrum Town by Theophilus London

SXSW Edition: Volume 9 - Krunk Music

I’m from Texas. How could I not have a fully bassed out volume to rattle your trunk?

1. Government Name (Spontaneous Lover) by Rockwell Knuckles (@ The Independent)
2. Streets Love Me by Big Sid
3. Swagga Jack’n by Balance (@ The Independent)
4. Salt Shaker by Damaged Good$ (@ The Independent)
5. Superbad by Diamond
6. Loftin n Austin by Da C.O.D.
7. Hi- 808 by Blue Scholars
8. “Grassroots!” Campaign by Truth Universal (@ The Independent)
9. Fire by B-Real of Cypress Hill

SXSW Edition: Volume 10 - Lyricists Let Loose

The word is the basis of rap. This form can be used to deliver a powerful message for grand ideas of social change or more prosaic notions of who’s more bad but either way lyricism is key.

1. Which Side Are You On? By Rebel Diaz
2. Don’t Sleep by Invincible
3. I Wish by YelaWolf ft. Raekwon
4. What It Be Like by Freddie Gibbs
5. New Sheriff in Town by Solillaquists of Sound (@ The Independent)
6. Proper Aim by Souls Of Mischief (@ The Independent)
7. 1977 by Anita Tijoux
8. Revolution by J-Boogie ft. Lyrics Born and The Mamaz
9. Your Friend Will by MC Frontalot
10. The Sea Is Rising by Bliss N Eso

SXSW Edition: Volume 11 - Balmorhea and other Soundscapes

There is nothing closer to looking at a painting, gazing out over an amazing view, or just letting the colors of your imagination run wild than listening to the soundscapes presented by these incredible musicians.

1. Schones Madchen by Hauschka
2. Bowspirit by Balmorhea
3. The Beast by Gadarene
4. Evil Genius by Michael Feinberg
5. Goblin Attack! by Two Star Symphony
6. Spectrum of the Sky by Break of Reality
7. Mr. Brightside by ELEW
8. Death of a President by Dustin O’Halloran

SXSW Edition: Volume 12 – Singer/Songwriter

You may know what’s coming here but somehow that still never detracts from the allure of a female (or male, there’s two guys in there) voice with minimal accompaniment. We start with the rather troubling but move up to a lighter finish.

1. Whistling Past the Graveyard by The Trishas
2. The Mistress by Amelia Curran
3. Gimme a Call by Tommy Reilly
4. Say Goodbye by Sophie Barker
5. Divide and Conquer Vandaveer
6. Broken Headlights Joey Ryan
7. If I Were a Tree by Forest City Lovers
8. Carousel by Julia Marcell

SXSW Edition: Volume 13 – Singer/Songwriter plus a Band

While that allure is duly noted, you know I love a drummer and actually just a full band. Not that all these have that but there is more to the music here than on volume 12. Check out the cover by Mads Langer of the trace anthem originally by Olive.

1. Get Up and Go by Broadcast 2000
2. Gold Rush by Basia Bulat
3. Compass by Venice is Sinking
4. Salvation by Scanners
5. Pills by Jen Wood
6. All the Same to Me by Anya Marina
7. My Heart is a Drummer by Allo Darlin
8. You’re Not Alone by Mads Langer

Monday, March 8, 2010

Podcast 6 - Hip Hop

Hip hop, rap, whatever you wanna call it, refers to a huge body of music. Really, calling something rap is about as descriptive as calling something rock. A good portion of people however, seem to be unaware of the manifold styles which make up this form. Whenever I listen to rap there are basically three main components that go into making a song I like. For me personally, the beat is probably the most important. Most of the time when we think of a rap song we only think of the emcee (MC - master of ceremonies) in the same way we only think of the lead singer or lead guitarist in a rock band. I'm no different. I don't know the names of basically any of the guys that make the beats for songs I love. It's a shame but it's just the way it is and it doesn't mean I love their beats any less. The second part is the rhyme. The rhyme is all about delivery and is much more than just the lyrics. Lyrics are the third part. If the cadence, rhythm, speed, and creativity of word melding is right, it can make up for the most banal lyrics about the most prosaic topics. This is why party rap can be so good.

So with that in mind check out the podcast, especially if you're someone that thinks you don't like hip hop. I've tried to put a good variety in there and would be really surprised if you can't find at least one track that you are really into. And for those hip hop heads out there, well, you're in for a treat. This podcast will remind you of some of the greats you maybe haven't listened to in a while and I'm sure there's something new on there for you too. Enjoy.

One last thing, in the podcast I reference a website for Zeale. The url is He's playing this Friday at Lambert's. If I were you, I'd go.

Thanks for listening and don't forget to support the artists,


1. Return of the "G" by Outkast on Aquemeni
2. Speed Law by Mos Def on Black on Both Sides
3. Deception by Blackalicious on Nia
4. Stop Complaining (Morcheba/Capricorn II Mix) by Lyrics Born on Same !@#$ Different Day
5. ...And I'm Out by Galactic ft. Mr. Lif on From the Corner to the Block
6. Thynk Eye Can (Haiku D'Etat Mix) by Abstract Rude on Rejuvenation
7. Classic by Hieroglyphics on Full Circle
8. After Hours (Extended Euro Mix) by Living Legends on The Gathering
9. 1st Class by Zeale on Microphone of Time

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