Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Podcast 12 - Guitar

After the jazz trio podcast I was really feeling like the guitar needed some recognition. I think ya'll are really gonna like this one. Instead of speaking generally about the whole mix I'd rather expand a little on just a couple of the songs (and what they have to do with my upcoming birthday). When I record the audio commentary, I am somewhat limited because while I may have a whole long story about why I picked that song, I don't want to interrupt the music for the five minutes it would take to properly tell the tale. There is also the problem that I just forget to mention things I meant to mention. For example, during the 10th podcast, I meant to let everyone know that the podcast has been downloaded on all continents but Africa and Antarctica and I want to send out a special thanks to my listeners in Australia, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Ireland, the UK, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Greece, Italy, Brazil and all my other international fans out there.

I should also say, not only are there things that I forget to say but there are songs I forget to include. The last track on this podcast is a good example. I had finished everything and then remembered it and I just couldn't hold it back. I love it too much. Some of you who are more familiar with my tastes may notice a glaring omission from this guitar focused podcast. It's another case of my forgetfulness but don't worry, that incredible album recorded at Luther College will make an appearance soon.

So there are two groups here that I hold close to my heart. For the first it all started, strangely enough, with my all time favorite band Dispatch. My roommate and I had gone down to LA to see a screening of the live Dispatch dvd at the Knitting Factory and then we were treated to a bonus performance by Dave Pransky, Braddigan, and one other guy who I can't remember. Braddigan was the drummer for Dispatch as well as singing, playing guitar and whatever else (played guitar and sang at this show). If aren't familiar with Dispacth, it was an amazing three person group and they were always switching instruments and changing who was in the lead. Anyway, after the show we got to talk to them for a bit and at some point Brad told us that if we were into acoustic guitar music we had to go buy the album Friday Night in San Francisco. Wow, was he right. When I was putting this podcast together I did a little Youtube searching to see if I could find video of the guys playing the included track. Amazingly enough I found actual footage of that Friday night in San Fran. The video quality leaves something to be desired but it was recorded on video in mid August of 1981 so what do you expect. Here's the link. How cool is Youtube?

Now on the to the most important part, my birthday this year. Rodrigo y Gabriela are playing Stubbs on Friday September 3rd and I am adopting that show as my official birthday party. So come out for dinner at one of the awesome food trailers during First Friday over at Starving Art and then lets go get blown away by these virtuosos. If you've never seen them, here is a video just to wet you appetite.

Enjoy and don't forget to support the artists,


Track List
1. Rumba Mediterranea by Seis Cuerdas on Vivencias
2. Luna Flamenca by Benise on Spanish Nights
3. Just One of Those Things by Continental Graffiti on KLRU In Context: Jazz In Austin
4. Gone, Just Like a Train by Bill Frisell on Gone, Just Like a Train
5. A Go Go by Scofield, Medeski, Martin, and Wood on A Go Go
6. Hora Zero by Rodrigo y Gabriela on 11:11
7. Mediterranean Sundance/Rio Ancho by John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, and Paco de Lucia on Friday Night in San Francisco
8. Day at the Beach by Joe Satriani on Flying in a Blue Dream

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