Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Podcast 51 - Mood Altering DnB

How do I start the next fifty podcasts?  That's obvious, just like I started the first fifty, with some drum and bass.  However, I have tried something a little different with this dnb podcast.  When I've had a rough day or something is really stressing me out, music is always the key to lifting my spirits, in particular dnb, and the louder the better.  But, when I'm looking for that kind of a shift, I don't want to ease into the music and ramp up slowly.  I want it on full bore, right away.  There's plenty of time for mellowing out later.  So, that's exactly what we've got going on here.  Hold on and enjoy.

I have also added a new feature to the blog, a Podcast Index.  This page will be updated with each new episode and contains the title and tracklist for each of the podcasts with links to the respective blog pages, direct downloads, and when available where to buy each track.  I wanted to have a searchable list all in one place for myself and then once I made it, I figured why not share it with you too?  So check it out.  I have amazed myself at just how huge the list is.

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