Thursday, April 5, 2012

Podcast 35 - Snap Crackle Jazz

Okay, by the end of this podcast you may get a bit tired of me saying how much I loved seeing Roy Haynes live last week but since you haven't listened to it yet, let me tell you, I really really loved the show.  And it wasn't just him.  All the other member in the quartet were probably 50 years younger than Roy but they were all amazing.  The bassist in particular gets my praise because I'm not sure if I've ever been able to follow the melody throughout a solo as well I did during his.  Perhaps that is a function of my ear as much as his playing but regardless it really spoke to me.

While the mix is bookended by tracks from "Out of the Afternoon", most of the rest of the songs are far more recent works.  This collection began as a growth from the mellow jazz podcast I put out a little while ago.  As I struggled to find mellower tunes I found a whole treasure trove of hot ones and I just needed to get them out.

On the more technical side of things, we have a few more upgrades to the podcast.  I have continued  to include the ability to switch tracks like in the SXSW mixes but now I have also added the album art as well as direct links to buy the music.  Bandcamp or the artists' website is the first choice for online outlet but if those aren't available it's either Amazon, Beatport or Juno.  (To switch through track while in Itunes open the album artwork viewer and click the icon that looks like a bulleted list.)

And last but not least, if you haven't check out the new Active Listener Facebook page now's the time.  Go post a link to your favorite song of the day or some artist you think we've all missed.  That's what I'm doing and I wan't yall's input too!

Thanks for listening and don't forget to support the artists (note the tracklist is all links to buy the music),



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