Monday, March 15, 2010

SXSW Edition: Volume 10 - Lyricists Let Loose

The word is the basis of rap. This form can be used to deliver a powerful message for grand ideas of social change or more prosaic notions of who’s more bad but either way lyricism is key.

1. Which Side Are You On? By Rebel Diaz
2. Don’t Sleep by Invincible
3. I Wish by YelaWolf ft. Raekwon
4. What It Be Like by Freddie Gibbs
5. New Sheriff in Town by Solillaquists of Sound (@ The Independent)
6. Proper Aim by Souls Of Mischief (@ The Independent)
7. 1977 by Anita Tijoux
8. Revolution by J-Boogie ft. Lyrics Born and The Mamaz
9. Your Friend Will by MC Frontalot
10. The Sea Is Rising by Bliss N Eso

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