Monday, March 15, 2010

SXSW Edition: Volume 3 - Mellower Grooves

Slightly toned down from the previous volume was the idea for this mix. I don’t think that really worked out quite right though. It’s just different. Deeper might be a way to describe it. If volume 2 is playing outside all day and night, volume 3 is bumpin inside.

1. Beauty Beats by Beats Antique
2. Koli Stance by Sub Swara
3. Brueke Beat by Tuh-nie & Gnaws
4. Boom Clack by Jon Kennedy
5. Tey Know What Ghost Know by Yppah
6. P-Funk Skank (Nadastrom Remix) by Nadastrom
7. Be With You Kam Franklin
8. Jr. Kong Pt. 2 by Grimy Styles
9. Lo Mas by Hermano L

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