Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SXSW 2011 Edition: Hip Hop 2 - Krunk

Hip Hop 2 - Krunk
This is another mix where the actual songs may not quite reflect the title that well. I didn't have another krunk anthem like last year's "Government Name" by Rockwell Knuckles (although he is playing again this year!). There is a heavy feel to all of these though. I really dig the Nigerian duo FOKN Bois's track Brkn Lngwjz.

1. Bury Me by Tedashii
2. Crowd Pleasa by El Da Sensei
3. Brkn Lngwjz by FOKN Bois
4. Cloudskipper by Epcot
5. Pray 4 You by Huslah
6. Trumpalump by DELS
7. Glamorous Lifestyle by The Jacka

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