Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SXSW 2011 Edition: Acoustic 2 - Mellow Singing

Just in time! I have finally completed one of my favorite yearly rituals. I have combed through the thousand odd mp3s made available by artists coming to play SXSW and picked out my favorites and sorted them, as best I can, in to bite size mixes so you can find what you want quickly and easily. That said, some songs don't fit easily into one category or another so there are likely hidden gems in genres you might not expect to like. And of course, I can't include everyone so I have made the decision to error on the side of choosing the unknown band. For example, I love Grupo Fantasma but once you win a Grammy you probably don't need any help from me. Anyway, enough intro, on with the music.

I have grouped the 15 short mixes into four overarching catagories: Acoustic, Rock, Hip Hop, and Electronica and then a small introduction is given, along with a tracklist. Enjoy and be sure to check back after the festival for my recap podcast with commentary.

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Acoustic 1 - Painting with Music

This is probably my favorite mix of the bunch. These bands use their instruments to create and entire sound scape and atmosphere. So much more than just songs

1. Clamor by Balmorhea
2. Azul Marinho by Constantina
3. Trip by Michael Lowenstern
4. Miserlu by 1001 Nights Orchestra
5. Song for Andrea by Soren Bebe Trio
6. Forro Ho Homen Bomba by Kiko Dinucci
7. Silence 3 by Bill Baird
8. Matarasak by Fared Shafinury & Tehranosaurus

Acoustic 2 - Mellow Singing
There's always a place for the singer songwriter but don't be fooled. This ain't simply some hippy with a guitar. There are some powerful voices and writers here.

1. Atlas Hands by Benjamin Francis Leftwich
2. We're All in This Together by Gabby Young and Other Animals
3. No Silver by Chris Bathgate
4. Joga by Sonos
5. Meditations on Salt by Gudrid Hansdottir
6. Light Outside by Wakey! Wakey!
7. Clementine by Sarah Jaffe
8. Listen to the Darkside by Charlie Mars
9. Wired, Islands by Sacred Animals

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