Thursday, February 23, 2012

Podcast 34 - DnB 3: Rollers and Bangers

Oh man do I have a massive podcast for you today.  

Before I get into that though, we've got some big news.  The podcast is now officially up and searchable on Itunes.  That means no more remembering long URLs if you want to share.  Just tell people to search Active Listener on Itunes or any other podcast program.  (Downcast is the best one on the Iphone.  Highly highly recommended.)  You are now also able to rate and review the podcast on Itunes.  It would be great if some of my long time listeners would leave reviews mentioning their favorite episode.  That will be helpful for new comers who want to get into the back catalog.  I'm thinking of my bluegrass fans in particular.  I'll make another one of those but some recommendation could help speed the process.  The podcast reviews would be a great place for those as well.  

Only the last 24 episodes are available through Itunes but the older ones are still available for streaming or download from the podcast website

Alright, now to the music.  Drum and bass is the name of the game and we are not limiting ourselves to only liquid dnb.  Though there is a fair amount of that we also go deeper, have a little drumstep and even a touch of dubstep in there.  The heavier tunes are later in the mix though to encourage the non dnb fans to get their feet wet with some more accessible tunes.  The first song for example, i don't understand how it's not a radio hit.  Anyway, get the mix and turn in up.

Thanks for listening and don't forget to support the artists,


1. Whisper (ft. Kirsty Hawkshaw) by Blu Mar Ten on Love is the Devil
2. Vacancies by Inka on BDTO20
3. Make the Most of Now (Technicolor Remix) by Komatic on Make the Most of Now
4. Attraction (ft. Migli) by Carl Matthes on Attraction
5. Breath by Mendelayev on Future Sounds of Russia
6. Know Us (Ravager's Drumstep remix) by Jillian Ann and Love & Light on The Ravager Remixes
7. Father, Can't You See I'm Burning by High Contrast on The Agony & The Ecstacy
8. Everyday (Netsky remix) by Rusko on Mad Decent Vol. 1
9. Balaclava in My System by Nu:tone on Sick Music

New instructions for how to get the podcast!!

1. To get new episodes

- Open your favorite podcast program (Itunes, Downcast, etc...)

- Search for Active Listener

- Select the first podcast
- Click subscribe

2. To get older episodes (that don't show up in Itunes)
- Head to the podcast website
- Use the Blog Archive file tree on the right hand side of the page to locate the episode you want and click the link
- To stream the episode just click the name, Podcast xx - ......
- To download, right click (open apple click on a mac) on the name and from the menu that pops up select “Save link as…”
- Choose location and file name and then download

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