Saturday, December 25, 2010

Podcast 18 - Roots Techno

Merry Christmas everyone. When I say roots, i mean my roots. And when I say techno, I mean the type of electronic dance music that most people think of when you say techno. Basically, today we've got nothing but the classics. So let the annual family Christmas rave begin!

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Track List
1. 9PM (Till I Come) by ATB on Movin' Melodies
2. Smack My Bitch Up by The Prodigy on The Fat of the Land
3. For an Angel by Paul Van Dyk on 45 RPM
4. Flesh (DJ Tieso Mix) by Jan Johnston and BT on Perfecto Presents: Another World
5. Cafe Del Mar by Energy 52 on Tranceport by Paul Oakenfold
6. Right Here, Right Now by Fatboy Slim on You've Come a Long Way, Baby
7. Keep Hope Alive by The Crystal Method on Vegas

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1 comment:

Andrew said...

Prodigy!! That takes me back. My brother bought that album when he was like 11 or 12 years old... my mother was not best pleased.

That music was super popular around the time I left the UK to come to the US. Not sure how big it was out here, but a song that took Europe by storm and a song that I really love is "Born Slippy" by Underworld - referred to as the NUXX version (rather than an earlier instrumental version so I read). People familiar with the movie trainspotting will remember it: