Monday, January 31, 2011

Podcast 19 - Screwston

I think this is my first mix where I feel obliged to put a Parental Advisory notice on it. Also, if you are a woman, it's quite possible you may find some of the lyrics offensive. As always the views and opinions expressed in the songs are solely those of the artists and not me. That said, I hope your ready for the dirty cause Screwston here we come. The nineties saw different types of hip hop springing up all over the country. Houston, Texas was the heart of one such sub-genre. If you don't know already, most of these tracks are classics. They'll serve as a nice intro. If you already know and love it, well, enjoy a little greatest hits. Obviously there is stuff missing. I'm no expert. Note though that everything here is from the nineties.

Oh, and if you wanna know what the South Park Mexican sounds like not chopped and screwed you can check out this YouTube someone made for another one of his tracks. Pretty hilarious.

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Track List
1. Tops Drop by Fat Pat on Ghetto Dreams
2. Down South by Mista Madd on Madd Hatta Presents Mista Madd & The Supa Thuggz
3. High So High (screwed by Michael Watts) by South Park Mexicans on The 3rd Wish: To Rock the World (Screwed and Chopped
4. Wanna Be a Baller by Lil Troy on Sittin' Fat Down South
5. They Don't Dance No Mo' by Goodie Mob on Still Standing
6. Two Dope Boyz (In a Cadillac) by Outkast on ATLiens
7. South Side by Lil' Keke on Don't Mess Wit Texas
8. Still Pimpin Pens (screwed) by Lil' Keke on Don't Mess Wit Texas (Chopped and Screwed)
9. One Day by UGK on Ridin' Dirty

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