Friday, December 17, 2010

Podcast 17 - Downtempo Ladies

The podcast is officially over a year old!! It's been downloaded thousands of times by people on at least five continents. Thanks to all my listeners for the support, the feedback and most of all, spreading the word. There's plenty more to come.

This time I've got a selection of some more mellow stuff. Ranging from jazzy to trip hop, each of these songs features a female vocalist who, even if only playing a minimal part, really makes the song. They range from the brand new to from the last decade. I've even got one of my all time favorite tracks on here. So sit back, put the headphones on and drift away.

Thanks for listening and don't forget to support the artists.


Track List
1. Unsaid by Little People on The Mickey Mouse Operation
2. 14 Nights by Puracane on Things You Should Leave Alone
3. She's Looking For Something by Beats Antique ft. Lynx on Contraption Vol. 1 EP
4. Stay the Same by Bonobo ft. Andreya Triana on Black Sands
5. I Feel Blue by Alif Tree on French Cuisine
6. Midnight Melodic (Chase The Blues) by Terranova ft. Cath Coffey on Close the Door
7. Love's Almighty by Telepopmusik on Angel Milk
8. Underwater Love by Smoke City on Flying Away

Same old directions on how to access the podcast

1. Use Itunes

-Open Itunes

- Click the “Advanced” pull down menu and select “Subscribe to a Podcast

- Paste following URL into the box:

- Click “OK” and you’re set. Downloading should begin immediately and Itunes will automatically download new episodes

2. Download the file direct

-Click the link:

-Find the link that says “Play Now” under the desired podcast and right click on it

-from the right click menu select “Save link as…”

-Choose location and file name and download. This needs to be done each time I release a new podcast.

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