Friday, March 15, 2013

SXSW 2013 Edition (10/11) R2: Teen Rock Out

It took a little longer than expected but I have just finished one of my favorite projects of the year, my SXSW mixes.  If you aren't familiar, what I do is download a torrent file ( which has one mp3 for (almost) every artist playing at SXSW.  This comes to about 1300 songs.  I then go through all of those songs and pick out 100 or so that I really like and organize them into mixes based on genre.  Now to be fair, it really isn't possible to give every track the multiple deep listenings necessary to truly figure out if it is great or not.  This is much more of a first impression thing so if you think I missed someone good, by all means, please tell me.  I like to think of this project as my annual Myers-Briggs musical personality test.

The main reason for the delay this year is that I have upgraded the podcasts.  They now have chapters for each song so you can skip around easily. (If you're listening in Itunes you'll need the "Now Playing" window showing)  And, each chapter has the track title, artist, a picture, and a link to the SXSW artist webpage.  That webpage will have a short bio / press release for the artist, where they are playing, and a link to their homepage.  The last is of course the most important because that is where you are going to go to join mailing lists, find shows, and buy their stuff.  It was a lot of extra work to add these features but as any long time listener I'm all about supporting the artists and I think this goes a long way toward that end.

A couple technical notes.  First, if the link takes you to some website that isn't the SXSW page, that means the artist was originally scheduled to perform but then for whatever reason isn't playing at SXSW.  I didn't bother taking those tracks out.  Second for the sake of time, I am crowd sourcing the double checking of links, chapter marker locations, etc...  If you find any problems.  Shoot me an email or a message on facebook

Thanks for listening and don't forget to support the artists,


R2: Teen Rock Out
Of course I find out today that Everything Everything isn't even performing at SXSW and I have them leading off this mix.  Whatever.  Their track is astounding.  The arrangement is fantastic.  And well, it gets to stay.  As for the rest of the songs, I'm not sure what you call this kind of rock except fun.  So much fun in fact that it will make an adult rock out like a care free teen.  And if you are a teen.  Man, I can only imagine.  These tracks are getting me really excited for the next time I get to see Two Door Cinema Club.

Direct Download

1. COUGH COUGH by Everything Everything
2. Halo by The PASS
3. Shake, Shake, Shake by Bronze Radio Return
4. 'Thunder Clatter' by Wild Cub
5. Carrie by Speak
6. Did We Ever Really Try by Delorentos
7. Kerosene by Language Room
8. Hope and Smoke by Kiven
9. DRESSING ROOM by The Away Days
10. Afterglow by The Crookes
11. She Moves by BRAINSTORM
12. Border Crosser by TRAILS AND WAYS
13. Leaf by Cave Painting
14. Sunsick by Fort Lean
15. Boarding Time by Sizarr
16. Bred For Breeding by Strangers
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