Friday, March 1, 2013

Podcast 46 - Ceci n'est pas PostDubstep

First question, what is post-dubstep?  The genre label used to categorize most of the tracks on this podcast.  Okay then why is this not post-dubstep?  Well, because what is post-dubstep?  It’s a label that apparently a lot of the artists aren’t all that big a fan of.  See the second episode of the new but very cool Red Bull Academy series Hashtags, Don’t Call It #PostDubstep (link).  Basically, no one really wants to be labeled “post-something”.  They want to be “something”.  Overall though the point is, people are going to try and label it.  That’s a fun part of being a listener.  And everyone knows the best stuff never fits nicely into on box or the other.  The only important thing is the music.  Does the crowd like it?  My answer is a resounding yes!

Now, for those long time listeners sticking with me through a heavy electronica phase, waiting for some more jazz, rock, hip hop, blue grass or whatever.  Hang in there.  It’s coming.  You might even spur the return even sooner if you get on the and drop that inspiration recommendation that seeds the mix.

One more thing.  At a social event the other night, I made the rather controversial statement that I find itunes to be the best software for organizing music.  I know, your mind is blown.  So was this guy’s.  It was immediately clear that I needed to change the subject to avoid a severe verbal confrontation.  I think with enough time I could have gotten my point across but I just didn’t want to get into that rather lengthy discussion.  So instead I’ve written it all down and posted it online so now I can just point to this document.  As a bonus, since I am in the middle of preparing my annual SXSW mixes and I thought it could be of interest to some out there how I actually go about boiling down 1000+ tracks to the 10 or so 30 minute mixes.  It’s posted on the blog here "How to organize and enjoy your digital music library"

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