Thursday, February 7, 2013

Podcast 45 - Trap

I just finished putting together the links for where to get each of these tunes and wow, there is so much free music on this podcast.  That's the way it is when you're a producer on the forefront and just trying to get your sound heard.  Lucky for you.  Anyway, this mix seeks to introduce the genre of trap.  It's not a new genre per se but there is a new wave coming out that has been gaining prominence.  When you listen to the tracks you'll hear the roots are that crunk, dirty south hip hop sound which started in the 90's.  If you go searching these days you can find millions of new trap track and remixes and after listening to just a few, you're gonna realize that besides a select few, they can get really repetitive and annoying.  That's because not many of the actual artists have broken out through the noise yet.  That is what this podcast is for.  I have listened to a lot of this stuff and tried to pick out the tracks that I thought each offered something unique.  Check it out and let me know what you think and if you think I missed someone.  Join the conversation on Facebook at  Next up my favorite project of the year, SXSW mixes!!

The podcast finishes with some New Orleans Bounce and I reference a couple videos.  Here's the music video for Express Yourself (link) and the short documentary on Bounce that Diplo put together (link).

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Podcast 45 Direct Download


1. Regis Chillbin by Eprom on Regis Chillbin
2. I Run This by Luminox on KatHaus Records Free Release (Free Download)
3. Booty 2 The Ground by UZ x CRNKN (Free Download)
4. Damn! by Edgewoode on Damn! / Freak!
5. My World by Iggy Azalea on Ignorant Art
6. Diamonds by M!NT (Free Download)
7. Goooo by TNGHT (Hudson Mohawke X Lunice) on TNGHT
8. Samuri by Baauer (Free Download)
9. Lzr by Starkey on Orbits
10. Get Free (Yellow Claw Get Free Money Remix) by Major Lazer (Free Download)
11. Express Yourself ft. Nicky Da B by Diplo on Express Yourself EP

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