Sunday, March 11, 2012

SXSW 2012 Edition (6/9): Bangers

Here it is!  The third annual South by Southwest (SXSW) Edition of the Active Listener Podcast.  Like previous years, I have listened to every band that had a sample up on, around 1,100 bands.  That is way too many songs to really get to know any of the bands well but what it can provide is a first impression.  So with that in mind I have organized the 100 best first impressions I got into 9 genre specific mixes for your previewing pleasure.  There are a couple new technical features to note this year.  First, each podcast has individually labeled tracks for each song so you can skip around and repeat to your heart's content.  Second, we've got a new way for you to contribute and join the conversation, the new Active Listener Podcast Facebook page at  I'll be posting music recommendations and finds as they come to me so you do the same!  Alright, enough with the introductions, on with the music.

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SXSW 2012 Edition (6/9): Bangers
If you lean more toward the hip hop side of things this selection of electronic music is probably more up your alley.  There's some Pretty Lights type music on here for ya'll.  Of course, the dubstep fans shouldn't feel left out.  There should be enough bass in this mix to please even a Skrillex fan though this stuff is way more musical if you ask me.

1. i!! by Nadastrom
2. Calgarico by Orion x A-Mac
3. She Like That (Dirty Dub Mix) ft. Machine Gun Kelly by Na Palm
4. Uncrushable by Bro Safari6. 
5. Shine by VibeSquaD
6. That's What They Tell Me by Signal Path
7. Forest of Illumination by Break Science
8. Moonbeam Rider by Slugabed
9. Predatory by Pawn

New instructions for how to get the podcast!!

1. To get new episodes

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- Search for Active Listener
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2. To get older episodes (that don't show up in Itunes)
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