Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Podcast 32 - Assorted Jazz Masters Go Mellow

Christmas comes early for all my podcast listeners.  As promised, we have a distinct change of pace for this episode.  It has been too long since I have let the virtuosity of jazz masters shine through on the podcast.  That was the general drive behind this mix with the added constraint that I wanted to keep things on the mellower side.  That took a bit of effort since I have a tendency in all genres of music I listen to, if you haven't noticed, to find the most driving songs.  This leads to a lot of uptempo stuff like bluegrass or drum and bass.  That's not to say I don't like the slow stuff, quite the contrary really but it's gotta be just right.  So with that in mind, here is collection of Goldilocks tracks for your listening enjoyment.  Well and I should say, I really tried to keep it all mellow but there might be a little spark here and there.  I didn't want yall falling asleep.

Thanks for listening, merry Christmas, happy new year, and don't forget to support the artists,


1. Quite Nights of Quite Stars (Corcovado) by The Oscar Peterson Trio on We Get Requests
2. Poinciana by Ahmad Jamal on Poinciana
3. Gloria's Step by Bill Evans Trio on Sunday at the Village Vanguard
4. How Insensitive by Pat Martino on Footprints
5. I Surrender Dear by Great Jazz Trio on 's Wonderful
6. Blue in Green by Miles Davis on Kind of Blue
7. Terminal 7 by Tomaz Stanko Quintet on Dark Eyes
8. Day in Done by Brad Mehldau on Day in Done
9. Smilin' Jones by Bill Frisell on Bill Frisell with Dave Holland and Elvin Jones

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