Thursday, October 13, 2011

Podcast 28 - Mind Mushing Git

That's right.  Another mix already!  This time we eschew the electronic main stream and check out its dark back alleys, to mix metaphors a bit.  I wish I knew the exact words to describe this stuff so I could find more.  All I know is what it isn't.  It's not dance music.  Well, not 100% anyway.  A lot of it is coming out of LA.  The Alpha Pup and Brainfeeder labels are hot beds of this stuff.  There's a weekly event out there called the Low End Theory that I'm hoping to check out soon.  I imagine there is a whole lot of stuff following the Burial path coming out of London but I'm just not familiar with the scene.  If you've got the info, hook me up.  Anyway, let's get to the music.

Enjoy and don't forget to support the artists,


1. Coat of Arms by Nosaj Thing on Drift
2. Limelight by Apparat on Walls
3. Fahrenheit Fair Enough by Telefon Tel Aviv on Fahrenheit Fair Enough
4. Cityscape by Metamatics and Clatterbox on Project Unison
5. Miss You by Trentemoller
6. Untrue by Burial on Untrue
7. SexSlaveShip by Flying Lotus on Los Angeles
8. Pittsburgh Left (Eliot Lipp Remix) by Lymbyc System on Love Your Abuser Remixed
9. Aidy's Girl is a Computer by Darkstar on Aidy's Girl is a Computer Single

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