Thursday, October 6, 2011

Podcast 27 - ATB

Hope ACL was good for all those that went.  My favorite show was definitely Mariachi El Bronx.  They had great energy, especially considering they played at noon on Sunday.  Anyway, I'm glad people seemed to be into that really eclectic and varied mix I put together last time.  Now I figure we should go the opposite direction and focus on just one artist, ATB.  The guy has been a staple now for a while now and too many people I talk to have never heard of him or are not adequately familiar with his catalog.  If you're my age, I don't understand how that's possible.  His song "9PM" is considered the first trance song to hit #1 on British Billboard!  It's time to meet one of the few artists that has kept me interested with album after album for more than a decade.  And for my more advance electronic music listeners who are not ATB fans well, first listen to this cause I bet you just don't really know.  And second, just wait.  The real good sh*t is up next.

Enjoy and don't forget to support the artists,

1.Beach Vibes on Movin' Melodies
2.Sunburn on Movin' Melodies
3.Bring It Back on Two Worlds
4.Collides with Beauty on No Silence
5.Let U Go (Airplay Mix) on Let U Go Single
6.Cabana Moon on Addicted to Music
7.Obsession on Movin' Melodies
(All tracks by ATB)

Same old directions on how to access the podcast

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- Click the “Advanced” pull down menu and select “Subscribe to a Podcast
- Paste following URL into the box:
- Click “OK” and you’re set. Downloading should begin immediately and Itunes will automatically download new episodes
2. Download the file direct
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-from the right click menu select “Save link as…”
-Choose location and file name and download. This needs to be done each time I release a new podcast.

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