Friday, April 1, 2011

Podcast 22 - Latin

Don't get me wrong, SXSW was great.  It just wasn't as epic as last year so I'm not doing a recap podcast.  Most of the good shows I saw where artists that weren't new to me so I don't feel the urgent need to get their names out there.  So in lieu of the recap I am going to sprinkle some of these artists throughout upcoming podcasts.  If you just can't wait though, here is a short list of people whose show's were incredible and you might wanna check out if you don't know them yet.

Matt Shadetek
Thavius Beck
Collie Buddz
Sauti Sol

And of course, the first two bands off this podcast, Brownout and Grupo Fanstasma.  I have chosen Latin as the theme for this mix and while I think this is one of my best podcasts so far, when sorting things Latin one immediatly runs into a problem.  As a genre title, Latin is only slightly less ambiguous than the ever popular yet utterly meaningless label, World Music.  Okay, then how did I draw the line?  Well, instead of trying to get into every little facet like salsa, merengue, cumbia, ... I just drew the circle to include music made by people that most likely can speak Spanish.  I know, I know, that leaves out Brazil but they'll get a podcast all their own sometime and like that is the only problem with my categorization.  Regardless of how you feel out this singular labeling I encourage you to just dive in.  There is a wide range of really great tunes in this one.

Thanks for listening and don't forget to support the artists,


1. Ayer y Hoy by Brownout on Aguilas and Cobras
2. Sacetelo Bailando by Grupo Fantasma on El Extensial
3. Calle 7 by Bill Frisell and Vinicius Cantuaria on Lagrimas Mexicanas
4. El Pescador by Toto La Momposina y sus Tambores by La Candela Viva
5. Quimey Neuquen Remix by Chanca Via Cicuito (original by Jose Larralde) on Rio Arriba
6. Viajante by Tremor on Viajante
7. Que Si Que No by Mr. Paur on Soundtrack
8. El Manisero de Potemkin by Gnawledge on Granada Doaba
9. Cold Sweat by Mongo Santamaria on Mongo Santamaria's Greatest Hits

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