Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Podcast 11 - Aceyalone

I've got something a little different set up for this episode. Instead of organizing around some musical theme, I've decided to focus on just one artist. The result is basically a retrospective of the 20 plus year career of my favorite emcee, Aceyalone. Note, I don't call it a greatest hits. He's got so many good tracks covering such a wide variety of sounds that instead of dictate what I think are his best tracks, I really wanted to just give the uninitiated a broad overview and a good place to start looking to find more of what most appeals to them. For those that are already fans, well, ya'll can just get excited. This mix is good.

Aceyalone came up in LA during the late 80's. He, along with a number of other amazing emcees, got his real start at The Good Life Cafe. The Good Life was a health food store in south central that had an open mic night from 8-10 on Thursday nights. There were rules, such as no cussing among others, to help foster real creativity. The music that came out of The Good Life was basically the exact opposite of the music LA became know for, NWA and all the other gansta rap. Also worth mentioning, that many credit these guys with the invention of "freestyling".

There's a great documentary about it called "This is the Life: How the West was One". You can get it on Netflix. Highly recommended.

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Track List
1. The Guidelines by Aceyalone on A Book of Human Language
2. Mic Check (Kemo Remix) by Aceyalone on All Balls Don't Bounce (Revisited)
3. Disconnected by Aceyalone & RJD2 on Magnificent City
4. Hardship by Aceyalone on Accepted Eclectic
5. Workin' Man Blues ft. Bionik by Aceyalone on The Lonely Ones
6. Eazy ft. Chali 2na by Aceyalone on Lightning Strikes
7. Cornbread by Freestyle Fellowship on Innercity Griots
8. Makeba by Aceyalone on All Balls Don't Bounce (Revisited)
9. Options ft. Aceyalone by Myka 9 on 1969
10. Mike, Aaron, and Eddie by Haiku D'Etat on Coup de Theatre

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