Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Podcast 10 - The Jazz Trio

Thanks for stickin' in there during this delay. Between vacationing, losing my microphone, and a little spontaneous computer failure, it's been quite a task to get this one out for ya'll but here it is, podcast number 10! To mark the occasion, I have put together, what I think is a really special mix, focusing on jazz in one of it's simplest manifestations, the trio. Easily one of my favorite forms, jazz trios have put together some of my absolute favorite tunes which, I have included here. Really, almost every piece presented has been my favorite song at one point or another. I get goosebumps just thinking about some of them.

I wanted to take a moment to remember an amazing piano player and all around jazz great who passed away in May, Hank Jones. The older brother of famed drummer Elvin and composer Thad, Hank was the last of the Joneses. While I certainly can't say I have known his work all along or anything like that, I did know him as the piano player on one of the first jazz albums I bought. I bought The Great Jazz Trio's album 's Wonderful around 2006 and really connected with it. I played their version of "Take Five" on a previous podcast but truly the whole cd is outstanding. While the list of his accomplishments since his birth in 1918 could be a book in and of itself, one thing he is known for that almost anyone, jazz fan or not, might like to know is that he was playing the accompanying piano when Marylin Monroe sang happy birthday to JFK.

So anyway, thanks again for listening. Making these ten mixes has been a blast. I love hearing what people think and the recommendations people have given me. I'm really enjoying this so expect the podcasts to keep coming.

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Track List
1. Wave by The Ahmad Jamal Trio on The Awakening
2. Fly Me to the Moon by Eldar on Eldar
3. Question and Answer by The Roy Haynes Trio on The Roy Haynes Trio
4. Diamonds and Pearls by The Marcin Wasilewski Trio on January
5. Eighty-Eight Days in My Veins by E.S.T. (Esjorn Svensson Trio) on Viaticum
6. Pinzin Kinzin by The Avishai Cohen Trio on Gently Disturbed
7. Mami Gato by Medeski, Martin, and Wood on End of the World Party (Just in Case)

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