Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Podcast 42 - NuCumbia

So much good news this week.  Not only did my lovely wife give me a beautiful daughter on Monday but I also have a new podcast for you!  And if I must say so myself this one is absolute fire.  Since I first heard some bits of latin electronica I have been on a quest to find more.  I introduced some of it back in Podcast 22 but I discovered so much more since then.  There are so many different labels and sub-genres but it seems like NuCumbia fit this mix the best though that is surely inadequate.  Words never do the music justice so plug in and turn it up. 

Editor's Note (on lack of editing): Why do I always insist of pronouncing Jeremy Sole as "Solay" instead of the correct "Soul"?  I noticed my error during editing and I wanted to keep reference to him in the mix but was too lazy to go rerecord it so Jeremy, my apologies.
Thanks for listening and don't forget to support the artists,

Podcast 42 - Direct Download Link


1. Cumbia Sampuesana by Aniceto Molina y La Luz Roja de San Marcos on 30 Super Exitos
2. Estate Cumbia by Cero39 on Montate en el Viaje
3. La Danza de la Violencia by Kill Emil on One Night in Bogota (free download)
4. Elekes (Sonora Remix) by World Hood (free download)
5. La Yegros by Viene de Mi on Future Sounds of Buenos Aires
6. Amor by Cumbia Cosmonauts on Tribal Amazonico
7. Guerreros Del Sol Cy Kosis on #Dope
8. Supremo by Ben Tactic on Supremo EP
9. Carimbo by Schlachthofbronx on Carimbo EP
10. Loca People (Mr. Pauer Remix) by Sak Noel (free download)

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