Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Podcast 39 - BassDrive Addict (Studio Mix)

I've got something really special in store for you today, my first fully mixed podcast.  What does that mean?  It means I've cut spliced and beat matched 20 tracks together to sound like it is just one long track.  This is all done ahead of time so it's a studio mix rather than a live mix; however, the voice over is recorded live and uncut.  I do get pretty excited during the mix and there may be a couple bits I might have like to cut but I left it untouched.  Honest expression.  

Okay, so it's all mixed but what kind of music is it?  I think I've been living a bit of lie and I need to come clean.  I try and present a wide array of musical genres, in turn suggesting that is what I am listening to.  It's not true, at least not at the moment. Currently, I am completely addicted to dnb.  When I'm not listening to Bassdrive.com, I'm jamming the Hospital, Scribbler, or any number of other awesome dnb podcasts.  And if not one of those, well I've bought too many dnb albums so...  I still have lots of other music to share with you in upcoming epsisodes but for the moment, my brain runs at 174 bpm. 

Now for those of you that really like my mixing job you're gonna ask, if you made such an awesome mix, why the hell do you talk all over it?  Because I always talk all over it!  That's what makes this podcast cool.  Of course I understand that the mix can best be enjoyed without me butting in all the time and I really want to give it to you but I've struggled (as I always do) with how to provide the music to you but also make sure the artists get their due because without them making the music there is no podcast.  So here's my idea.  You go out and spend at least $5 on dnb music or merch then post some proof on the FB page http://www.facebook.com/activelistener or shoot me an email at activelistenerpodcast@gmail.com and I'll hook you up with the download like of the podcast sans commentary.  Deal?  Be honest, even if you wanted to you probably will never have a chance to see any of these guys live so the only way to support them is to buy the music so buy the music.  I've made it easy by including links to where to buy the tunes.  Note I have made an effort where available to link directly to the record label page to cut out the middle man.  Otherwise, I use Beatport because they give you 320kbps MP3s.  Enough talking, let's get to the tunes.

Thanks for listening and don't forget to support the artists,



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