Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Podcast 37 - Future Garage / Post Dubstep

Today we venture even further off the beaten path than usual.  We've got a few unreleased tracks, a bootleg remix, and even a track that's only available on vinyl.  It's all part of this sound that I'm really digging but not sure exactly how to describe.  I'm thinking the podcast title kind of captures it though.  Some of it is danceable.  Some is contemplative headphone music.  All of it is great.  Just another entry in my never ending quest to expose people to the wide world of electronica outside of trance anthems (not that I don't still get down to some of those too).

Note that a few of the tracks on this podcast are free so if you wanna download them, just follow the included links.  Be sure to check head over to Facebook and Like the Active Listener Podcast page and join the conversation.

Thanks for listening and don't forget to support the artists.  (To help you out with that, links to buy the albums are provided in the tracklist and pop up with each track as it plays in the podcast)


Podcast 37 Direct Download Link

1. Dangerous (Slugabed Remax) by Busta Rhymes
2. Joy by Zed Bias on Zed Bias

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