Thursday, January 28, 2010

Podcast 4 - Dubstep

It's a cold and rainy morning in Austin. Luckily, I've got just what you need, a bangin' fourth podcast. In this episode I have tried to share a bit of my exploration of a genre that is relatively new to me, dubstep. It's been a couple years since I first heard the name dubstep but recently I feel like it has reached a tipping point in US popularity because I am hearing it all over, in many different forms. Dubstep started and has been huge for a while in the UK. It's quite a jump from the bluegrass you heard last time but that's what the Active Listener Podcast is all about.

I forgot to mention during the first track that the artist, Ultragamma, a Canadian producer, made a mixtape for the Curb-Crawlers blog that you can download for free. If you're into the music on the podcast, I highly recommend the mix. You can see the tracklist on Ultragamma's myspace here ( or you can just get it here( ) Right-click and "Save Link as..." to save the mp3 to your computer instead of streaming.

Thanks for listening. Don't forget to support the artists.


1. Stars Collapse by Ultragamma on Resident Advisor Podcast by Falty DL

2. Archangel by Burial on Untrue

3. How You Like Me Now? (Joker Remix) by Heavy on How You Like Me Now?

4. Heartifact by Magic Heart Genies on Heartifact

5. Fail by Druley on Fail

6. Art of Revolution by Bassnectar on Art of Revolution EP

7. Scapegoat by Randomer on Scapegoat

8. Parisian Goldfish by Flying Lotus on Los Angeles

Same old directions on how to access the podcast.

1. Use Itunes

-Open Itunes

- Click the “Advanced” pull down menu and select “Subscribe to a Podcast

- Paste following URL into the box:

- Click “OK” and you’re set. Downloading should begin immediately and Itunes will automatically download new episodes

2. Download the file direct

-Click the link:

-Find the link that says “Play Now” under the desired podcast and right click on it

-from the right click menu select “Save link as…”

-Choose location and file name and download. This needs to be done each time I release a new podcast.

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